The aquatic exercise was excellent! It demonstrated a way to exercise and good on the body. I didn't do well with the noodles but I kept trying until I got it. The water was definitely a work out and one I will try again at home. Much appreciated.

Kim C.

Prior to the weekend, I had not been in a pool for over 50 years.  The instructor was very good and I had no problem relaxing and having fun.

Overcoming fear of pool

The aqua class was wonderful - lots of fun!.

Rev. Dr. Suzanne K.

This was my first water aerobics experience.  It was awesome.  Darniece was absolutely amazing.  Although we were working out, she made it fun.  I would love to do it again.

Sara C.

It was my first Aqua Aerobics fitness experience at Lee's birthday.  I thought the exercise would be too challenging but instead it was a new experience that I want to repeat. Thank you for your instruction!

Romona H.

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